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Meeting: 21/11/2017 - Scrutiny Panel B (Item 10)

10 Scrutiny Review of CCTV - Update pdf icon PDF 180 KB


The Scrutiny Manager reported that at the last meeting Members had agreed the scope and terms of reference for a scrutiny review of CCTV namely, to gain an understanding of CCTV, how it contributes to the Council’s corporate priorities and what impact it may have within the community.


As part of the discussion it was suggested that a site visit be facilitated to enable Panel Members to view the new CCTV control room at the Police Headquarters, Sherwood Lodge. 


The Scrutiny Manager explained that unfortunately there had been a delay in launching the new control room due to a number of technical issues and consequently all site visits to this venue had been affected.  He assured Members that as soon as the Council receive notification arrangements will be put in place to enable the site visit to take place.


The Scrutiny Manager also informed the Panel that he was in the process of arranging a meeting with the relevant Officers from Newark and Sherwood District Council to enable Members to gain an understanding of the activities undertaken in the development of their CCTV commercialism plan. 


Furthermore, updates regarding the potential for securing mandatory provision of CCTV for various types of business/commercial premises through its licensing and planning processes would be presented to the Panel in due course.