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Meeting: 07/12/2017 - Council (Item 49)

49 Committee Membership and Political Proportionality Changes pdf icon PDF 185 KB


Council was requested to consider the consequential impact of political proportionality on Council seats following the recent by-election in the Hucknall North Ward and to approve further alterations to memberships on the Planning Committee, Audit Committee and Scrutiny Panel A.



that the following changes be made to the Council’s Committees:-



To Vacate Seat:

Replaced By:


Proportional Changes


Planning Committee

Cllr. Phil Rostance


Cllr. Helen-Ann Smith

Local Plan Steering Group

Cllr. Kevin Rostance

Cllr. John Wilmott

Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Cllr. Phil Rostance

Cllr. John Wilmott

Requested Changes


Scrutiny Panel A


Cllr. Kevin Rostance

Cllr. Phil Rostance

Audit Committee

Cllr. Tom Hollis

Cllr. Jackie James

Cllr. Lee Anderson


Cllr. John Wilmott

Cllr. David Griffiths

Cllr. Paul Roberts

Planning Committee

(temporary replacement)

Cllr. Jim Aspinall


Cllr. Cathy Mason



To comply with the provisions of the Local Government & Housing Act 1989, requiring the Council to allocate seats on its Committees in a politically proportionate way.