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Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary or Personal Interests and Non Disclosable Pecuniary/Other Interests


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that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 29th November, 2018, as now submitted, be received and approved.


Announcements from the Chairman, Leader, Members of the Cabinet and the Head of Paid Service


Leader of the Council


“Thank you Chair, I do have a brief update for Members.  First in Place Enhancement, the Discover Ashfield, which everybody I hope is recognising, the private sector led Board for the District continues to work proactively for the good of the area.  We are recruiting Discover Ashfield Ambassadors from businesses, the community and/or the visitor sectors who will promote the District.


Where we lead, others are now following.  The Discover Ashfield Action Plan has been reviewed and a delivery group has been set up to deliver the plan.

The new branding has been successfully used on an empty shop unit in Central Walk in Hucknall Town Centre and will be rolled out to partners in February.


I’m delighted to report that Kirkby is getting its town clock back.  The clock is currently being restored and will be put near to the Nags Head with a celebration and unveiling due to take place by the end of March.


With economic growth we are pleased to announce the following new business units that have been approved recently which will continue to grow the local economy.  We’ve approved three new units at Castlewood off the A38, measuring approximately 23,000 square metres, 19,000 square metres and 7,000 square metres respectively.


Five new units at Aerial Way, Hucknall measuring 155 square metres, 230 square metres, 240 square metres, 590 square metres and 740 square metres.  Therefore, Madam Chairman that is a total of 8 new units with total approximate floor space of 51,000 square metres of industrial and warehousing floor space new to this District.


I continue to work with potential inward investment and investors whose interests necessarily must remain confidential, but I am pleased to see that the Byron Cinema in Hucknall has now been bought by a private sector cinema operator who intends to bring it back into use as a four-screen cinema.  We’ve held early discussions with the company whose intentions are to blend commercialism with heritage and I hope they are able to open by the end of 2019.  I wish them every success in their venture, it’s a piece of great news for Hucknall Town Centre.


While we are talking about town centres the Future High Street’s fund; officers are currently pulling together a list of potential projects that might benefit from the Future High Street’s funding.  As a District we are only permitted to submit one bid, we will therefore focus this time on Sutton Town Centre in order to improve the local economy and make it a destination for retail, leisure and residential.


In pulling together a bid we have been helped greatly by the positive support of the Discover Ashfield Board, in particular the private and voluntary sector members.

Town Centres and Markets -  Working in partnership with the town teams we will be running regular promotions in the town centres to support local retailers in order to increase awareness and footfall.  In April and May, Café Culture Week will be running across  ...  view the full minutes text for item C.63


Questions from the Public

(None received for this meeting)


No questions were received from the public.



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No petitions were submitted for consideration.


Pay Policy Statement 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 117 KB

Additional documents:


Council was requested to approve and adopt the Pay Policy Statement for 2019-20.



that the Council’s Pay Policy Statement for 2019-20, as presented, be received and approved.



To ensure that the Council complies with legislative requirements.



Changes to Political Balance and Committee Membership pdf icon PDF 256 KB


Council was requested to consider the impact of political proportionality on seats of the Council’s committees, for the remainder of the 2018/19 municipal year, following the By-Election for the Sutton Junction & Harlow Wood Ward held on 12th December, 2018.



a)    the number of places on each Committee of the Council and the revised politically proportional allocation of seats as a result of the By Election for the Sutton Junction & Harlow Wood Ward held on 12th December, 2018, be received and duly noted;


b)    the following changes to committee memberships, as outlined in the report, be approved:-



Member to be Removed:

Member to be Added:

Scrutiny Panel B

Cllr. Christine Quinn-Wilcox

Cllr. Matthew Relf

Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Cllr. Glenys Maxwell

Cllr. Matthew Relf

Licensing Committee



Cllr. Glenys Maxwell

Audit Committee


Cllr. Christine Quinn-Wilcox



To comply with the provisions of the Local Government & Housing Act 1989, requiring the Council to allocate places on its committees in a politically proportional way.


Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 90 KB

Additional documents:


Council was presented with the Annual Overview and Scrutiny Report for 2017/18 by Councillor Lee Anderson, Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.



that the Annual Overview and Scrutiny Report for 2017/18, be received and noted.



Scrutiny has a statutory responsibility to produce an annual report on the work undertaken by Overview and Scrutiny.


Recommendations from the Cabinet and the Council's Committees pdf icon PDF 67 KB

Additional documents:


In accordance with the Council Procedure Rule 2(ix), Council considered three recommendations from the following:-


Minute No. SP.13

Standards and Personnel Appeals Committee – 10th December, 2018

Disclosure and Barring Service Checks for Members – Review of Policy



that the amended Policy on Disclosure and Barring Service for Members, as appended to the Committee report, be approved;



Minute No. CA.66

Cabinet – 21st January, 2019

Housing Project, Davies Avenue, Sutton in Ashfield



a)    an application be made to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government for consent under Section 32 of the 1985 Act, to dispose of the land incorporating a pre-emption clause in the sale contract (as required under Schedule A8 of Section 32 of the Housing Act 1985) which will grant the Council the right of first refusal when the land and buildings are subsequently sold;


b)    the use of Housing Revenue Account reserves to fund the purchase of approximately 26 new affordable homes up to a total value of £2.87m in the event that the Council decides to exercise the right of first refusal, be approved.



Minute No. CA.68

Cabinet – 21st January, 2019

Digital and Service Transformation Programme



a)    an allocation of Housing Revenue Account funding, to a maximum of £250,000 for upfront implementation costs associated with the project, be approved;


b)    approval be given for £30,000 of Housing Revenue Account funding for annual costs, including support and maintenance and support to award a contract for the Housing Repairs solutions as outlined in the Cabinet report.


(During consideration of the recommendations, Councillor Lachlan Morrison left the room at 7.51 p.m. and returned to the meeting at 7.52 p.m.)


Notice of Motion

Motion 1

To consider a notice of motion proposed by Councillor Lee Anderson and seconded by Councillor Chris Baron, as follows:-


“This council to review it’s housing policy by the formation of a working group to ensure there is accommodation available, solely for the over 55’s. This will ensure a reduced risk of ASB towards our elderly tenants and therefore improve their health and wellbeing.”





The Council received a notice of motion moved by Councillor Lee Anderson and seconded by Councillor Chris Baron as follows:-


“This Council to review its housing policy by the formation of a Working Group to ensure there is accommodation available, solely for the over 55’s. This will ensure a reduced risk of ASB towards our elderly tenants and therefore improve their health and wellbeing.”


Councillor Cathy Mason moved an amendment to the motion, seconded by Councillor Lauren Mitchell with the meeting being adjourned at 8.25 p.m. and reconvened at 8.34 p.m. to enable due discussion to take place.  The amendment was then put to the vote and duly carried.


Having been fully considered, the substantive motion was then put to the vote and it was



a)    this Council agrees to review its age designation of housing, by the formation of a Cross Party Working Group, preferably to work in conjunction with the Scrutiny Panel review into the Lettings and Tenancy Agreement reviews already added to the 2019/20 Work Plan as of the meeting held on Tuesday, 5th January;


b)    the review to prevent duplication as the various policies are intrinsically linked, therefore doing everything possible to ensure there is accommodation available solely for the over 55’s which should ensure a reduced risk of ASB towards the Council’s vulnerable residents going a long way to reducing their stress and anxiety.


(During consideration of the motion, Councillors Helen-Ann Smith and Keir Morrison left the room at 8.17 p.m. and 8.55 p.m. and returned to the meeting at 8.20 p.m. and 8.57 p.m. respectively.)


Questions received in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13 pdf icon PDF 58 KB

Question 1

Question from Councillor Keir Morrison to the Leader of the Council:


“What is the total amount of unallocated section 106 money designated for Hucknall?”


Question 2

Question from Councillor Keir Morrison to the Cabinet Member (Outward Focus):


“Could the portfolio holder responsible present up to date performance figures & data, including number of current licenses and improvement works carried out on properties as a result of the councils selective licensing scheme to date.”


Question 3

Question from Councillor Keir Morrison to the Deputy Leader of the Council (Inward Focus):


“Can the portfolio holder responsible reassure me and every Hucknall resident that this year's Christmas tree will be erected properly, level and straight in our market place.”



Due to the fact that the meeting closed at 9.00 p.m. and there was insufficient time for any questions to be asked, all responses would be duly provided to Members in writing.