Agenda item



“Personally I have two announcements to make…..


First of all, the Council’s Annual Civic Service; the date has been set and electronic invites have been sent to everyone.  This is on the 29th October at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Hucknall.  It promises to be a day of celebration and a community themed service. I invite all Members to attend and just to inform the Council as well, I am also going to extend my invite to past chairman of this Authority so hopefully we will have a good attendance of friends old and new.


My second announcement that I have to make is a bit more sombre…..Mr. de Coverly who has worked for this Authority for 15 years is moving to pastures new and I wish to inform Council but I also wish to pass on my personal thanks.


Edd has worked for this Authority for 15 years and he joined this Authority as a consultant, which may amuse some people, but he took on a very senior role at a very young age.  His passion and enthusiasm has driven policies that this Council has formulated and clearly shows in the work that is carried out.  Personally I like to think of the times when I was Chair of the Hucknall Area Committee and he was our Leading Officer, always guiding us in the right direction and providing an excellent service for that Committee; I think we were very lucky to get Edd as a Lead Officer for that Committee.


Personally I’m sad to see Edd go but professionally it gives me great delight to announce to Council that he has taken up a Chief Executive’s role at Melton Mowbray Council.  I am happy for him moving up in his role as a local government officer but like I say, for me it is going to be a sad loss to this Authority because he has been an excellent officer of this Authority and I’d personally like to put my thanks on record and those of the Council.  I don’t know if anyone has got anything that they’d like to add to that…..”


Councillor Cheryl Butler

“Thank you and just to echo your words Chair, I am sad to see him go and I actually tried to get him to have a 12 month notice period but he wouldn’t have it! 


He has served us all well over the last 15 years and it is very sad that he’s going….going to pastures new.  I wish him all the best and know that we are here for him and will keep him updated on how things are going and how the projects he has started and been involved with carry on and go to fruition.  Thank you.”


Councillor Tim Brown

“I’d like to put on record my thanks to Edd, he’s the Director of my Portfolio and he’s absolutely excellent, a really true professional person and a real gentleman to go with it and I think Ashfield’s loss will be Melton’s gain.  Really tragic but good news for Edd!”


Councillor Jackie James

“I just want to echo what the Leader and Tim have said, he’s made some really great moves to help us be more commercial as a Council and I think it’s a real true testament for someone to be with us for 15 years and to have gone across so many different roles.  What great succession we have got in the Council and I think it’s given some great opportunities for some other officers to step up.  I really do wish him well and it’s going to be a real sorry loss…..”


Councillor Robert Sears-Piccavey

“Thank you very much.  With regards to Edd de Coverly I have to say it is a loss to this Council….he will be a loss to this Council.  I worked closely with Edd over the last 12 years and he’s been an excellent ambassador for Environment helping raise recycling within this Authority.


We started rolling out the brown bin scheme together and it has been a massive success and continues to be.  He’s done excellent work and he’s always been open to challenge and ideas that I’ve thrown at him….he has always had an answer but he’s always open to them!  I wish him all the best in his new role.  I’m sure he will do an excellent job as a Chief Executive and I just think it’s a sad loss to this Authority.”


Councillor Nicolle Ndiweni

“I just wanted to echo everyone’s sentiments.  He is also on my Portfolio and when I got given the Portfolio I was just really happy to have someone like Edd, someone who is open, honest, hardworking and available all hours of the day.


There have been moments where there has been an emergency and he’s been there, ready, e-mailing and always getting in touch so I just want to wish him all the best really.  I think he really does deserve this promotion and this new job.  He is really excited about it and I’m happy for him.  Sad loss for Ashfield but great gain for him.


Councillor Keir Morrison

“One thing that strikes me about Edd is historically I’ve felt that sometimes there has been an officer culture at Ashfield where in years gone by there has been a bit of a default setting of why things can’t be done as opposed to why some things can be done.  I think that Edd's always been approachable, has always took on board everybody’s views no matter what the colour of their political stripe and I think he will be a magnificent loss to this Authority.


He’s always been approachable and come up with ideas and I think he also understands and gets the balance right in terms of what can be done from an officer level as well as the political level, so he understands that element as well.  So good luck to him in his new role and hopefully he will keep in touch.”


Councillor Phil Rostance

“I just thought the Conservative Group would like to wish him well.  We have always found that if we copied Edd into anything that we did it more than likely got done that bit quicker so we would like to wish him well on his way and he’s been a brilliant officer for Ashfield District Council.”



“I would like to draw the comments to a close but I think it is a testament to Edd that people from across the political spectrum have congratulated him and I hope that he will listen to this recording and I’d like to lead the Council in a round of applause for Edd…….”


Leader of the Council

“I just want to thank everyone in this room for their patience and understanding whilst we are changing the building for the DWP moving in.  I know it’s a bit unsightly at the moment but thank you all for your patience.”


(During the announcements, Councillors Joanne Donnelly and Mick Murphy entered the meeting at 7.07 p.m.)