Agenda item


The Assistant Director, Corporate Services and Transformation presented the

Quarter 2 Corporate Scorecard for April to September 2020 to enable Members to review the levels of performance achieved and consider the impact of the pandemic on the Council’s performance.


The Council has worked extremely hard since the pandemic began and were the only local authority in Nottinghamshire that has continued to deliver their Tier 1 and Tier 2 critical services without interruption.  The Council had also delivered a variety of humanitarian services across the District and had continued to facilitate many of their waste collection campaigns.


As at the end of September 2020, 71% of Corporate Scorecard measures were achieving or exceeding target or were within 10% variance of their targets. 61% of measures were also indicating an improved position compared to the same period in the previous year or were within 5% of the previous year’s performance levels.


The key highlights regarding performance were as follows:


Health and Happiness

·       work commenced on the new leisure centre build in Kirkby

·       many voluntary organisations have benefitted from community funding especially through the Council’s ‘Feel Good Food’ project


Homes and Housing

·       service delivery to Council owned stock has been maintained throughout

·       prevention of 35% more households becoming homeless

·       99.6% of properties have received their annual gas and safety checks


 Economic Growth and Place

·       Covid Information Officers have been continuing to support high street businesses

·       Idlewells Shopping Centre retained its occupancy up to September 2020

·       Economic Recovery Plan created to support the Council’s high streets post Covid


Cleaner and Greener

·       increases in incidences of fly tipping (mainly due to closure of local recycling centres)

·       success of the ‘Bag It’ campaign

·       reduction of reported incidences of dog fouling and littering


Safer and Stronger

·       increases in reported incidences of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and nuisance (more prevalent during lockdowns)

·       increases in incidences of domestic violence and the recruitment of a Domestic Violence Support Officer


Innovate and Improve

·       use of digital and online facilities increased, in no small part due to the introduction of the Council’s new website and an easier journey for customers

·       effective administration of the online Business Grants Scheme applications.


The pandemic had unfortunately had a negative impact on some of the Council’s critical functions and these were outlined as follows:


Business Rates Collection

At the end of Quarter 2, business rates collection stood at 46.1% which was considerably lower than the target of 53.8%.


Rent Arrears

There had been a significant increase in rent arrears due to many households experiencing financial difficulties and the timelines for seeking possession being extended from 3 months to 6 months.


Void Property Turnaround

Void property turnaround had slowed down from the target of 21 days due to difficulties accessing building/refurbishment materials during the lockdowns.


Members discussed the Council’s Quarter 2 position in particular the current position with regard to homeless persons in the District and the recent operational difficulties faced by the Housing Team as a result of key officers being in isolation.



that the level of performance achieved against the Quarter 2 Corporate

Scorecard for 2020/21, as presented, be received and noted.

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