Officer decisions
Title Date
Future High Streets Fund - Consultancy Work 02/06/2020
Switching Electricity Purchase to 100% Renewable Electricity 22/05/2020
Completion of Property Health and Safety Checks with separation of Servicing Elements - Covid-19 Response 29/04/2020
Contract arrangements for the repairs of Garage Sites, Paths and Paved Areas with Parkin Contractors Ltd for 2020/211. 28/04/2020
Property Health and Safety Check/Service as a consequence of Covid-19 20/04/2020
Contract arrangements for Communal Digital Aerial Maintenance with Crystal Electronics 2020/21 02/03/2020
Contract arrangements for the service and maintenance of laundry equipment with Dean Laundry Systems 2020/21 02/03/2020
Procurement of Adaptation Works to Council Owned Properties - Occupational Therapy Referrals 2020/21 12/02/2020
Engagement with the Share Procurement Unit (SPU) to procure building works to extend a Council Owned Property 27/01/2020
Contract arrangements for Tree and Hedge maintenance work with Parkins Contractors Limited 27/01/2020
Adaptation works to a property on Storth Avenue, Hucknall following an Occupational Health Referral 27/01/2020