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Notices of Motion.

Motion 1

To consider a notice of motion proposed by Councillor Keir Morrison and seconded by Councillor Lauren Mitchell, as follows:-


“On the 29th of April 2021 the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee published their investigation into the surplus sharing arrangements between the UK Government and the Mineworkers Pension Scheme.


Since privatisation of the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme in 1994, the Government has received 50% of surpluses in the Scheme’s value, in return for providing a guarantee that the value of pensions will not decrease. At the time it was expected that the Government would receive approximately £4bn from the arrangement in today’s money. However, to date, the Government has received £4.4bn, and is also due to receive at least another £1.9bn, on top of 50% off any future surpluses. The Government has not paid any funds into the Scheme in return.  The Government failed to conduct due diligence during the 1994 negotiations and was negligent by not taking actuarial advice. There was no empirical analysis or evaluation to inform or support the 50:50 split, and it therefore remains arbitrary.


Tens of thousands of former mineworkers and their families reside within our district. Ashfield District Council support their calls for the Government to take seriously and act on the following findings of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee:


• The Government should relinquish its entitlement to the Investment Reserve and transfer the £1.2bn fund to the Mineworkers’ Pension Fund.


• The Governments should not be in the business of profiting from mineworkers’ pensions. We are therefore disappointed by the Government’s argument that the 1994 agreement is a success because the public purse has had strong returns from it. The Government is not a corporate entity driven by profit-motives and should not view the miners’ pensions as an opportunity to derive income.


• The Government’s entitlement to 50% of surpluses is not proportionate to the degree of financial risk it actually faces and therefore should not take any further surpluses out of the scheme until such a time that the Government has supported losses to the scheme equalling that that they have already taken out of the scheme.


• The Government has potentially accrued £6.3bn from the Mineworker’s Pension Scheme and should use this windfall to cover any future losses to the scheme. In supporting these findings Ashfield District Council will write to the Chancellor of the Exchequer asking him to act immediately to the findings of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee and implement their recommendations.”


Motion 2

To consider a notice of motion proposed by Councillor David Martin and seconded by Councillor Helen-Ann Smith, as follows:-


“Ashfield District Council notes that the Government is currently consulting on increasing the free prescription age to 66 and that of thousands of residents in Nottinghamshire aged 60-65 will be adversely impacted.


This Council further notes that residents aged between 60 and 65 receive free prescriptions when they turn 60 in England, whereas the State Pension Age is now 66.


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To answer any questions submitted in writing by Members in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13, if any.

Question 1

Question from Councillor Keir Morrison to the Leader of the Council:


“Will ADC formally recognise the change petition that's been signed by almost 6,000 Ashfield residents (at 13/7/21) to retract Hucknall Sports FC's eviction notice from the Papplewick Green playing fields, in line with the council's petition scheme policy?”



To receive a list of minutes and a web link to access Cabinet and Committee meeting minutes that have been published since the last ordinary meeting of the Council for Members to give notice of their intention to ask a question of a relevant Chairman under Procedure Rule 13.2. pdf icon PDF 88 KB

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